Beautiful OPI Nail Polish Colors to Try out This Summer

When it’s Summertime, one thing is for sure; we’ll always dream about spending long hours and days at the beach, toes buried in the sand and a cocktail smoothie at hand. The feeling is priceless. That’s why we have made a compilation of some of the best OPI nail polish colors for summer to make you feel at home with the summer vibe.

These color shades depict the season so well, and with a coastal look painted on two coats, you’ll almost feel like you’re at the Florida Keys, Orange Beach, or Cape Charles. How about you spice things up? You can paint a different color for your fingers and another for your toenails.

With these summer nail polish colors, you can’t go wrong. Sometimes, choosing a suitable color becomes overwhelming. But whatever your choice is, you’re sure of the most beautiful outcomes.

Enjoy the summer with beautiful summer colors

The transition from spring to summer is visible in the nail and beauty industry. The quick shift from the spring colors to the bright beach shades is exciting. This year, there’ll be no limit to beautiful nail polish shades you can try out on your toes and fingernails. Of course, there are no rules for choosing the best summer nail color. But bright colors are great for dark skin tones.

OPI Nail Polish Colors to Try out This Summer

On the other hand, fair skin tones can try jewel tones or berry shades popular during summer. Many swirls in an abstract pattern and mismatch nail art are slowly growing into a trend. A modern color twist on white nail polish can go with your one-stop sneakers, with a dusty blue polish complementing your beach tote.

Imagine a holographic pearl polish with your fancy summer dresses. You’ll find nail stickers and various colors that will make you fall in love with the ocean. We have put together some fantastic OPI nail gel colors for summer. You can choose from any of these colors to accentuate your beautiful nails. Find out which summer color will match your beach wears.

OPI ”Hue is the artist”

If you’re a lover of white nails during summer, you need to try out this summer nail polish. It is a pale lavender color shade and loved by most users. It gives you a cool twist to the regular summer white polish. A combination of the two is one you shouldn’t miss.

”Grabs The Unicorn By The Horn” from OPI

''Grabs The Unicorn By The Horn'' from OPI

Nail polish lovers who have tried this on always come back for more. This color is a dusty blue shade that gives you the perfect feel of summer. Its application guarantees professional coverage in two coats, similar to what you get at professional salons. There’s a little bit of jelly consistency in the polish as it feels more like a dimensional polish than creme.

”Don’t Tell a Soul”: Another Classic from OPI

If you’re a lover of yellow hues, here’s one color you shouldn’t miss. It’s an upgrade to your conventional neon yellow polishes. This nail shade is a perfect balance yellow color that is not too shouty or pale and gives the cool summer days with warm relaxing afternoons.

”OPI Big Apple Red”

''OPI Big Apple Red''

The red color shade is a vibrant color and an all-time favorite for summer.  So here’s another classy nail polish to add to your nail collection. The Big Apple OPI na shade strikes perfection, giving you a nail polish that’s not over the edge or too dull.

”My Chihuahua Doesn’t Bite Anymore by OPI”

OPI nail gel brand doesn’t miss out on funny names for their polish brand. This nail polish is a reddish-orange hue that is vibrant yet classy. It gets you ready for the vacation season without going over the top. You can wear this nail polish for romantic date nights, hiking, girls trips, or visiting the beach.

The OPI Classic: ”Coral Your Spirit Animal”

The OPI Classic ''Coral Your Spirit Animal''

One quick question: What’s your spirit animal? Well, you can coral your spirit animal with this nail polish, literally. This nail polish is a floral manicure that adds a romantic feel to your nails. No matter the kind of nail art you want to try out, either DIY nail art or a simple coral combination, this OPI should be part of your collection. It will look amazing on your swimsuit and complement the sun.


OPI nail polish brand combines class and poise with a bit of humor, as seen in some of its polish names. As is peculiar with all OPI gel colors, you are sure of quality results after application. Get into the summer-ready. Buy these OPI  gel colors for summer.