Use DND Gel Polish Fall Colors to Set a Path-breaking Trend

The beauty of nail polish is that you can change it according to the season to reflect your moods. If the spring season is all about flowers, greenery, and happiness, the fall is an absolute contrast, with dark and gloomy colors being the trend. In this way, you remain in sync with nature. However, that does not entail you should not try out different colors in fall. At times, it pays to be off the track because it catches the people’s eyes, and that is what you yearn for when applying nail polish to your nails. The DND gel polish fall colors cater to an extensive range of standard and off-beat colors to suit every taste. Here are some of the colors that should form a critical component of your DND nail polish set this fall.

Top DND Gel Polish Fall Colors

Soft Reds can rocket up the style charts

Red is such a beautiful color that can brighten up the gloomiest of occasions. The innumerable shades of red available on the international market are ample evidence that it is amongst the most preferred colors by women globally. While soft reds are zooming up the charts, the deep and bold reds do not fall far behind. You can try out the cranberry reds or a drop of claret to grab the attention of your boyfriends. The coolest benefit of having red shads on your nails is that you can extend them comfortably to your lips and accentuate your overall beauty. Are you red-dy for the magic?

A dripping milk chocolate hue can shake up your style

If you are a die-hard admirer of the old James Bond movies, you will see the Bond girls with long talons painted with gorgeous mid-tone brown colors. The same colors are back with a bank this year as people love to have the chocolaty milk brown hues all over their nails. It gels beautifully with your woolens and perfectly complements your tanned leather boots. Check out our DND nail supply for the perfect chocolate brown shades to enhance your attraction quotient to the next level.

The frosty washed-out grey has a timeless appeal

With the skies turning gloomy this fall, the frosty grey hues should be the perfect color to have on your gel nails. The matte finish lets you show off the graceful washed-out color to a silvery perfection. This color suits you to a ‘T’ as it looks equally elegant at a business meeting and a wedding ceremony. While being divinely feminine, you can ramp up the attraction quotient by donning matching black apparel. The grey hues pair beautifully with your white woolen garments to enable you to make a compelling fashion statement.

The sandy mani can flatter anyone


If you live by the sea, you have an exciting range of shades to choose from your DND gel polish collection. The whispery sandy shade has a nude look but can give you a sophisticated look with the minimum of fuss. The beauty of sand hues is that it comes with a subtle range of undertones to qualify as the most versatile color to wear in any environment. The beige appearance suits almost every skin tone, from the porcelain looks to the dark tans with equal finesse.

Try out the glossy Fuchsia shades to be different

While fall can be a gloomy season, you need not let go of your glamour. The glossy Fuchsia shades are the best to elevate your mood and liven up the surroundings. This vibrant shade gradually becomes the new autumn classic as young women feel free to experiment with this off-beat color. It gives you a feeling that you have rushed back to the tropics to have your day under the sun.

The creamy blue is the new black

Black should be the perfect shade to gel with the fall season climate. However, times have changed with people not being afraid to experiment with the lighter hues in the fall. The creamy blue might seem to be the perfect contrast to the black as it lies at the opposite end of the spectrum. The best aspect of having a light shade in fall is that it gives your office outfits a fresh and vibrant look. Besides, the creamy blue shade looks heavenly on all nail shapes and skin tones. Your DND nail polish set is incomplete if it does not have this color standing tall amidst the others discussed here.


Be the woman who sets the trend for others to follow. Experimenting with these bright shades in the gloomy fall can give life to the environment and make you stand out from the crowd. Contact us for your DND nail supply and fill up your makeup table drawers with DND gel polish fall colors and have a great time.