4 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Applying LDS Gel Nail Polish

LDS gel nail polish is definitely shining out its DIP and acrylic counterparts when it comes to the different types of manicures. While many fashionistas out there are getting their hands on the best LDS nail polish kit and doing their nails at home, there are a few common mistakes that beginners make when applying. Let us go through four common mistakes beginners make while covering their tips:

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Applying LDS Gel Nail Polish

Four Common Mistakes Beginners

Not Prepping Your Nails Enough

The first issue that beginners make when it comes to applying nail polish on their natural nails is that they barely do anything while prepping their nails. They kind of resort to filing and shaping the free edge of their nails, they take a light buffer to cleanse their nails – and that’s it!

Here is the issue: it is a nail enhancement, and if you want the manicure to last for at least three weeks, you will need to prep your nails with a medium grit file – just as you would have done for acrylic nail polish application. The remedy is to get a medium grit rubber band, set it on low, and take your natural nail (just as you would have done with an artificial nail), pull the skin back, and gently remove the shine (not aggressively). Now, you know that your polish will adhere to your nails and not peel away.

As a beginner, you should know that one of the reasons it might peel away is that you smoothen out your nails so much that there is nothing for it to stick to.

Not Applying the Right Foundation

The next issue is that beginners don’t thoroughly cleanse the nails to ensure they have gotten rid of all oil and dust. Subsequently, beginners make the mistake of believing that the polish will stick to anyone’s nails. For someone with very thin and flexible nails, it is recommended to apply a thin overlay of a hard gel or switch to a dip powder manicure altogether. In the case of thick nails, it will stick to the nails without a problem.

However, thin nails need the right foundation instead of the typical ritual of the base into color and then topcoat. Thin nails need some strength – a little foundation to the nails so that the LDS gel nail polish has something to stick to. You can grab a manicure base and coat your nails. After curing them for twenty seconds, apply another coat and have your nails cured again.

Not Pushing Back Cuticles

The third mistake would be getting it up on the skin. Many beginners don’t pay attention to properly pushing back their cuticles or applying the nail polish carefully to avoid getting it onto the skin. If you are a beginner who has gotten the LDS gel polish color onto the skin of their nails, and if you leave it on like that, it will cure like that.

If the LDS gel color nail polish doesn’t start peeling up from the point where it got onto the skin right away, it might take a couple of days where it will start lifting eventually. Ultimately, it will pull away – apart from not looking good.

Naturally, if you feel that it is lifted, you will start picking at it, and eventually, the whole will come off. That said, if you get it on your skin, make sure to clean it up, even if it’s just a little bit before you proceed to cure it.

Applying Thick Coats

Another common mistake that loads of beginners make is to apply thick coats. The thing about thick coats is that they have a hard time curing. If you are having trouble curing your nails, the tell-tale signs are that you will get bubbles, the gel polish will start to lift, and you will see peeling.

Now, there are different reasons that something like this might happen. The first reason is that you have applied it too thick, especially when working with darker shades. You have to avoid applying the color coats so thin that it’s sheer. You need a good amount of gel polish but sometimes the application feels so nice that we are kind of floating it and glopping the gel polish onto our nails, which eventually makes it harder to cure the nails.

Final Thoughts

Your manicure can last you approximately three to four weeks when applied correctly. It is a great alternative to acrylic nails and doesn’t cause brittle nails. However, it is important to cure all nails properly after applying the different coats to make the manicure glossier, shinier, and long-lasting. Remember, your own styling sense also has an important role to play. If you don’t have that kind of mindset, look for inspiration on the internet.