Sport Easy To Do Floral Nail Designs Using Nail Dipping Powders

Women loves pampering themselves and visiting the nail salon is one way to do that. There is no better way to pamper the nails than to decorate them and while you can’t go wrong with French manicure or solid-coloured talons, adding an adorable floral design to your manicure will surely take you to the next level. Floral nail designs are not difficult to draw and can be sported everyday as well as during special occasions. When done freehand with a brush and few nail dipping powder, a floral effect is surprisingly easy and always lovely and these designs will make anyone say wow:

floral nail designs

Design # 1: Orange and White Flower

The best thing about this nail art idea is that the base is always LDS D74 Black list to highlight the beauty of the flower. Using a brush and a white DND DC gel polish, draw petals on the nail bed then cure it for 30 seconds in the UV/LED Light. Then Using LDS D37 Loud Out Loud, colour the painted petals. Add details using a detailing brush and a white and black paint and you now have a beautiful flower on your nail that would be perfect with a summery white dress.

Design # 2: Orange and White Flower (Smaller One)

Want to wear floral nails yet want to stay minimalistic? Well, you can create a smaller version of the flower that will keep the minimalist in you. This look is perfect for the beach or for a dinner under the warm sky. This minimalistic nail design will make you feel ready for warm weather in a snap.

Design # 3: Burst of Orchid

This gorgeous pink orchid on a black nail will always be a stand-out. LDS D115 Mean Girls will complete the look. Hover the brush a little to the nail bed and you will have a maroon base to change the whole look. For a 3D effect, create another layer of the petals for a unique touch.

Design # 4: Tropical Bright Yellow

Headed on vacation? Opt for brighter yellow blossoms against a black background, like in this nail art idea. Following the same technique as the orchid design and LDS D11 Mellow Yellow will complete the look. There’s nothing mellow about this yellow-and-black combination. This is the perfect manicure to wear if you are headed for the beach or you just want your plain outfit to stand out without having to wear too much accessories. You can also wear this all season long.

Design # 5: Bluer than Blue Flower

The bright blue floral art on a black base is an amazing combination. Black is one such color that can highlight both, the print and its colors. And the best part is it never goes wrong. Even the dull shades come out well on a shiny black base. LDS D120 Iceland on the white painted petal the subtle blue flower is anything but boring. This hand painted flower nail art undoubtedly pacifies everyone!