Beautiful OPI Nail Polish Colors to Try out This Summer

When it’s Summertime, one thing is for sure; we’ll always dream about spending long hours and days at the beach, toes buried in the sand and a cocktail smoothie at hand. The feeling is priceless. That’s why we have made a compilation of some of the best OPI nail polish colors for summer to make you feel at home with the summer vibe.

These color shades depict the season so well, and with a coastal look painted on two coats, you’ll almost feel like you’re at the Florida Keys, Orange Beach, or Cape Charles. How about you spice things up? You can paint a different color for your fingers and another for your toenails.

With these summer nail polish colors, you can’t go wrong. Sometimes, choosing a suitable color becomes overwhelming. But whatever your choice is, you’re sure of the most beautiful outcomes.

Enjoy the summer with beautiful summer colors

The transition from spring to summer is visible in the nail and beauty industry. The quick shift from the spring colors to the bright beach shades is exciting. This year, there’ll be no limit to beautiful nail polish shades you can try out on your toes and fingernails. Of course, there are no rules for choosing the best summer nail color. But bright colors are great for dark skin tones.

OPI Nail Polish Colors to Try out This Summer

On the other hand, fair skin tones can try jewel tones or berry shades popular during summer. Many swirls in an abstract pattern and mismatch nail art are slowly growing into a trend. A modern color twist on white nail polish can go with your one-stop sneakers, with a dusty blue polish complementing your beach tote. (more…)

Use DND Gel Polish Fall Colors to Set a Path-breaking Trend

The beauty of nail polish is that you can change it according to the season to reflect your moods. If the spring season is all about flowers, greenery, and happiness, the fall is an absolute contrast, with dark and gloomy colors being the trend. In this way, you remain in sync with nature. However, that does not entail you should not try out different colors in fall. At times, it pays to be off the track because it catches the people’s eyes, and that is what you yearn for when applying nail polish to your nails. The DND gel polish fall colors cater to an extensive range of standard and off-beat colors to suit every taste. Here are some of the colors that should form a critical component of your DND nail polish set this fall.

Top DND Gel Polish Fall Colors

Soft Reds can rocket up the style charts

Red is such a beautiful color that can brighten up the gloomiest of occasions. The innumerable shades of red available on the international market are ample evidence that it is amongst the most preferred colors by women globally. While soft reds are zooming up the charts, the deep and bold reds do not fall far behind. You can try out the cranberry reds or a drop of claret to grab the attention of your boyfriends. The coolest benefit of having red shads on your nails is that you can extend them comfortably to your lips and accentuate your overall beauty. Are you red-dy for the magic? (more…)

The Ideal Everyday Makeup Look

Either you are a working lady or you are just a stay at home wife, makeup is something every girl loves and would never say no to it. On a daily basis, applying a lot of makeup could be hectic and waste a lot of time. When you are in a hurry to reach the office, you can’t wait to let your foundation settle or your eyeliner to be winged the perfect way. For all such ladies who want a good soft and subtle look on a daily basis, here is a basic guide about what to do and which things you are supposed to consider while going for the ideal everyday makeup look.

The Ideal Everyday Makeup Look

Some important things you should always have

Before going for applying makeup, you should have all the important stuff that you’ll need for it. Some people don’t pay attention to the products they use and end up ruining their skin. Your skin should be your top priority and you should make sure that you are using products that are compatible with your skin type. Here is a list of things you should always have with you so you can get a little touch up whenever you want.

  1. A good set of brushes: Makeup brushes are very important and should be always present in your bag so you can adjust your blush or highlighter whenever you want. You can keep a small pouch or brush holder which can keep all the brushes in it without taking much space.
  2. A good foundation: Foundation is the basic step of any makeup look. A foundation that suits and goes well with any skin type is the best for you. Make sure you have matched it perfectly with your skin tone so you don’t have to waste time blending or setting it with powder. Talking of that, Korean foundation makeup is the ideal one and goes perfectly with any skin type.
  3. Setting powder: Setting powder can do wonders if your makeup is not applied properly and you are a beginner. Just put on some foundation, blend it with a good sponge and let it set with a good loose powder. This will solve all your worries and get your makeup set within a few minutes.
  4. Highlighter: It is said and believed that the most well dressed and well prepared girl is the one whose highlighter is on point. A light shimmery bronzer could be great for you and should always be in your purse. You can apply it even if you aren’t wearing full makeup. It highly enhances your facial features and makes you look pretty.

If you are stocked up all this basic stuff, you are ready to go to any event without worrying about anything. Just get your confidence together and be ready to steal the show. (more…)

Best Tattoo Machines on the Market

Top 5 Best Tattoo Machines on the Market 2021

Tattooing equipment should keep the clients at ease and allow the fatigue-free operation of the artist. When they operate smoothly and efficiently, it gives you both peace of mind. You will be able to concentrate better on your design rather than on the equipment setting or operating. Also, clients experience less pain and more satisfaction with excellent output. Check out such devices below.

Stigma Tattoo Kit Battery Operated Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen

Amazon best-selling product B07QVQCJF6

The lightweight battery-operated tattoo machine by stigma has a powerful Japanese motor made using a space aluminum frame. Its rose gold color is elegant, and its quiet operation puts the client at ease. This pen-style machine is ergonomic, meaning you have a good grip that does not hurt even after long hours of use.

You can rely on this tattoo machine for excellent performance as it consists of an advanced gear system. As it comes with two batteries, you can work continuously by interchanging the batteries while you drain one and charge the other simultaneously.

BIOMASER Tattoo Transfer Thermal Stencil Printer Machine

Amazon best-selling product B07QC264HL

This portable machine makes the thermal tattoo copy creation an easy process. As it is portable, you can carry it anywhere with you, and its compact size makes it fit in a small place. However, it is can effectively transfer only lines and simple patterns with a single effect. Patterns containing complex details are not so effectively transferable with this copier.

Its operation does not require any adjustments, which saves you time and makes it easy to operate. This high-quality machine offers satisfactory resolution, routine copying, mirror copying, and two levels of deepness settings for efficient copy work. You need not worry about overheating as this tattoo machine has a warning system for it. Along with all these excellent features, it also comes with 18 months warranty making it the best stencil printer.

Tekpower HY-1502 DC Power Supply

Amazon best-selling product B003EGYRP6

The Tekpower comes with a 1.5-15 Volts DC power supply adjustable at two amps per step, making it perfect for the tattoo process. You need to buy the clip cords, foot pedal, and banana plugs separately. However, it comes with a secure lock system for plugging these cords securely.

It has an easy to read LED display. Approval by CE makes it safe to operate. This power supply is engineered and designed for tattoo machines and has excellent regulation required for this purpose. The low cost and light weight of the device are the plus points of this machine. (more…)

Sport Easy To Do Floral Nail Designs Using Nail Dipping Powders

Women loves pampering themselves and visiting the nail salon is one way to do that. There is no better way to pamper the nails than to decorate them and while you can’t go wrong with French manicure or solid-coloured talons, adding an adorable floral design to your manicure will surely take you to the next level. Floral nail designs are not difficult to draw and can be sported everyday as well as during special occasions. When done freehand with a brush and few nail dipping powder, a floral effect is surprisingly easy and always lovely and these designs will make anyone say wow:

floral nail designs

Design # 1: Orange and White Flower

The best thing about this nail art idea is that the base is always LDS D74 Black list to highlight the beauty of the flower. Using a brush and a white DND DC gel polish, draw petals on the nail bed then cure it for 30 seconds in the UV/LED Light. Then Using LDS D37 Loud Out Loud, colour the painted petals. Add details using a detailing brush and a white and black paint and you now have a beautiful flower on your nail that would be perfect with a summery white dress.


Getting the Goods: Why Buy from Professional Nail Supplies Store

There are plenty of ways to buy nail products as there are nail products to buy. If you like doing your own nails or you are planning to expand your nail salon, you have plenty of choices to get your products. You can order from in-salon representatives, buy at beauty stores, through full-service distributors or even manufacturer-direct. But with the advance technology that we have now, ordering your nail supplies from professional nail supplies stores can be done with few clicks from your phone or your computer.

Nail Supplies

One of the things most nail technicians consider in buying their nail supply products is the price. But that is not the overriding concern apparently the selection available is their main stumbling block. They say they can’t find one distributor who carries all the products they’re looking for and if they can, the products aren’t always in shock.

What Do Professionals Look for When Choosing a Nail Supply Store?

Having a good selection is very important because most buyers are looking for a distributor where they can get everything they need and use. A huge factor that they consider is the wide variety of products amongst all factors. Fast delivery and convenient price only comes in second place and the highest quality products come next. The company’s good reputation is also considered by most buyers because it plays an important part in their decision making. And of course, discount for big or bulk orders is something that most buyers look for. You can get all of those factors in DTK Nail Supply. Visit the site today and get huge discounts on big orders.


Kiara Sky Powder Review

Have tried Kiara sky powder? This is an amazing way to make your nails look perfect. It is the way to get that look that you always desire. Those gorgeous looking nails on magazines and movies can always be transferred to you by the use of Kiarasky powder. However do you know how it works, the time it lasts and the application or removal process? Some of the customers have tried it and they have a lot to say about it. This article will focus on Kiara Sky powder nails review.

kiarasky dipping powder

How Is It Used?

For you to use this powder, you need to know how to go about everything that is necessary. You are supposed to wash your hands first in order to remove any dirt that might interfere with the polish. Then push back the cuticles and use a file to remove the shine from the nails. This will create a surface where the polish can adhere to the nails easily. However, make sure that the shine is gently removed to avoid damaging the nails. This process is then followed by the application of the Kiara Sky bond.

When this process is complete, you should then begin the main process. It is an easy process to follow hence anyone can try it. It involves first applying the base to ¾ of your nails and the dipping the nails into the natural powder. After this, take the colour container that you want. You should then dip your nails into the colour that you want. (more…)