Getting the Goods: Why Buy from Professional Nail Supplies Store

There are plenty of ways to buy nail products as there are nail products to buy. If you like doing your own nails or you are planning to expand your nail salon, you have plenty of choices to get your products. You can order from in-salon representatives, buy at beauty stores, through full-service distributors or even manufacturer-direct. But with the advance technology that we have now, ordering your nail supplies from professional nail supplies stores can be done with few clicks from your phone or your computer.

Nail Supplies

One of the things most nail technicians consider in buying their nail supply products is the price. But that is not the overriding concern apparently the selection available is their main stumbling block. They say they can’t find one distributor who carries all the products they’re looking for and if they can, the products aren’t always in shock.

What Do Professionals Look for When Choosing a Nail Supply Store?

Having a good selection is very important because most buyers are looking for a distributor where they can get everything they need and use. A huge factor that they consider is the wide variety of products amongst all factors. Fast delivery and convenient price only comes in second place and the highest quality products come next. The company’s good reputation is also considered by most buyers because it plays an important part in their decision making. And of course, discount for big or bulk orders is something that most buyers look for. You can get all of those factors in DTK Nail Supply. Visit the site today and get huge discounts on big orders.


Kiarasky Powder Review

Have tried Kiara sky powder? This is an amazing way to make your nails look perfect. It is the way to get that look that you always desire. Those gorgeous looking nails on magazines and movies can always be transferred to you by the use of Kiarasky powder. However do you know how it works, the time it lasts and the application or removal process? Some of the customers have tried it and they have a lot to say about it. This article will focus on Kiarasky powder review.

kiarasky dipping powder

How Is It Used?

For you to use this powder, you need to know how to go about everything that is necessary. You are supposed to wash your hands first in order to remove any dirt that might interfere with the polish. Then push back the cuticles and use a file to remove the shine from the nails. This will create a surface where the polish can adhere to the nails easily. However, make sure that the shine is gently removed to avoid damaging the nails. This process is then followed by the application of the Kiarasky bond.

When this process is complete, you should then begin the main process. It is an easy process to follow hence anyone can try it. It involves first applying the base to ¾ of your nails and the dipping the nails into the natural powder. After this, take the colour container that you want. You should then dip your nails into the colour that you want. (more…)